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Cape Town // South Africa

Useful travel information for visitors to Cape Town, South Africa.

// Weather

Temperatures are measured in degrees celsius. Cape Town receives most of its annual rain during the winter months. Summer is known to be mostly hot and dry.

Summer months: November – April / 26-32’C
Winter Months: May – October / 14-22’C

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// Electricity

The standard electrical supply in South Africa is 220/230V AC 50Hz.

South Africa uses a unique 3-pin power outlet. Bring a sufficient adaptor.

3-pin plug

// Water

Water is of a high quality and the tap water is safe to drink.

// Currency

The South African currency is the Rand.

Biker Travel

As a travelling motorcyclist to South Africa, you will need the following:

● Passport
● Personal Travel and medical insurance
● Driver’s License in English. If your driving license is not in English, an international driver’s license must be obtained before arriving in South Africa. Your driving license must include a photo of yourself and a signature.
● Credit Card and cash (South African Rand)
● Protective riding gear (helmet, jacket, boots and gloves)
● Warm underlayer clothing (Autumn – Winter months)