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‘Roll With The Pack’ and stay up to date with our recent custom bike builds and relevant media exposure as well as recent rider testimonials and photos from past Wolf Moto motorcycle tours around our beautiful city, Cape Town.

We would like to share our story from the most recent visitors who came all the way from the UK to ride on a Peninsula motorcycle tour with Wolf Moto.

Here’s what Mr. Lockwood-Hall had to say about his experience in Cape Town:

I’ve never been very good at living in the moment, it’s always frustrated me that so many awesome experiences in my life have rushed past me while my mind was wandering.  I’m beyond stoked to say that riding Cape Town with Wolf Moto was something else completely.  I have some of the best “freeze frame” moments of my life (as well as a few damn good ones in actual frames!).  It’s hard to find the right adjectives to do the riding in this place justice; words like “amazing, awesome, stunning” etc… seem far too trite!

Wolf Moto Custom Harley Davidson Bobber alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

Wolf Moto Custom Harley Davidson Bobber alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s no doubt this city should be at the top of the bucket list for anyone who enjoys life on two wheels and there is nobody better than Kyle Scott to show you what it has to offer.  Not only will you get to ride some of the best roads along the most breath-taking coastline and mountain passes in the world but you’ll do it on a bunch of bikes that make you feel as special as the place you are in.  This is one of those life confirming adventures that tell you are clearly doing something right if you are getting the chance to experience something like this.  Get out there and spend some time on the road with crazy, awesome people who make crazy, awesome bikes and remind yourself what you spend the other 50 weeks of the year working for.

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